The Eras Tour: A Swiftie’s Guide To Wembley 2024

Last updated on July 23rd, 2023 at 06:43 pm

Hey, hey, hey, my fabulous Swifties! Are you ready for it? The Eras Tour is coming to Wembley Stadium in 2024 and I am so excited I could scream! Taylor Swift is going to grace us with her presence and perform songs from all her iconic albums, from Fearless to Folklore. This is not a drill, people. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for! But before we get to shake it off with our queen, we need to plan ahead and make sure we have the best time ever. Wembley Stadium is huge, honey, and there are some things you need to know before you go. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’ve done my research and compiled this guide for all you lovely Swifties who want to slay at Wembley Stadium. Here are some tips and tricks to make your experience magical, memorable, and mercurial.

Taylor Swift performing at The Eras Tour, in 2023 in the United states.
Ronald Woan from Redmond, WA, USA, via Wikimedia Commons

Save the Dates, Swifties! Taylor Swift’s London Shows at Wembley Stadium Are Here!

Get ready to strike a pose, darlings, ’cause Taylor Swift is about to rock Wembley Stadium like never before! Hold on to your sequins ’cause she’s gracing us with not one, not two, but a jaw-dropping six sensational shows at Wembley! Can you believe it? I simply can’t wait!!

Here are the dates you need to lock in:

  • June 21, 2024 🗓️
  • June 22, 2024 🗓️
  • June 23, 2024 🗓️
  • August 15, 2024 🗓️
  • August 16, 2024 🗓️
  • August 17, 2024 🗓️

Gather your squad and get ready to dance the night away ’cause Taylor’s bringing the magic, and she’s bringing it big time! Her concerts are legendary, and I can already feel the excitement building up! She’s got us hooked, and we’re ready to be blown away! Doors open on all dates at 7pm.

The clock is ticking, my fellow Swifties! Get ready for at least two hours of pure enchantment – and rumor has it, we might even be blessed with a mega marathon of over 3.5 hours if you include support acts, of non-stop Taylor perfection! Can you even imagine? It’s going to be an unforgettable night of singing, dancing, and living our best lives!

Close up shot of the gorgeous Taylor Swift performing at The Eras Tour
Ronald Woan from Redmond, WA, USA, via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic — CC BY-SA 2.0

What’s The Eras Tour’s set list?

So, Taylor’s got us shaking with excitement as she takes us on a wild ride through her 10 dazzling “eras,” each one representing a swoon-worthy album from her incredible 17-year career. And guess what, babes? Taylor’s throwing us curveballs with surprise songs, making each gig a one-of-a-kind extravaganza! You know what that means, right? No two set lists are alike, and that’s just the spice we need in our lives!

Song’s she’s performed so far


Now, let’s dive into this setlist magic, starting with the Lover Era – ‘Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince,’ ‘The Man,’ ‘The Archer,’ ‘Cruel Summer,’ ‘You Need to Calm Down,’ and of course, the ultimate ‘Lover’ – it’s a vibe that’ll have us feeling on top of the world, just like Tay-Tay herself!


But hold onto your fabulous dad hats, because we’re not stopping there! Next up is the Fearless Era, where we’ll be serenaded by ‘Love Story,’ ‘Fearless,’ and ‘You Belong With Me.’ Darling, get ready to time-travel back to the golden days of country-pop perfection!


And oh, the Evermore Era – with ‘Willow,’ ‘Champagne Problems,’ ‘Marjorie,’ ”Tis the damn season,’ and ‘Tolerate It’ on the menu, we’re in for a rollercoaster of emotions that only Taylor can serve!


Let’s not forget about the fierce Reputation Era, sizzling with ‘Delicate,’ ‘…Ready for It?,’ ‘Don’t Blame Me,’ and ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ – it’s all about owning our power and leaving the haters in the dust, honey!

Speak Now

But wait, there’s more! The Speak Now Era graces us with ‘Enchanted,’ while The Red Era spices things up with ’22,’ ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,’ ‘I Knew You Were Trouble,’ ‘Nothing New,’ and brace yourselves for the 10-minute version of ‘All Too Well’ – yes, queens, we’re in for a lyrical feast!


The Folklore Era, the epitome of whimsical magic, enchants us with ‘Cardigan,’ ‘Invisible String,’ ‘The 1,’ ‘Betty,’ ‘The Last Great American Dynasty,’ ‘August,’ ‘Illicit Affairs,’ and ‘My Tears Ricochet’ – it’s a fairy-tale brought to life!


Oh, and let’s not forget about the iconic 1989 Era, where we’ll be strutting our stuff to ‘Shake It Off,’ ‘Style,’ ‘Blank Space,’ ‘Bad Blood,’ and ‘Wildest Dreams’ – it’s the era that made us feel invincible!


Now, get ready to bask in the beauty of the Acoustic Section – ‘Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve’ (with Aaron Dessner) and ‘Mine’ – it’s a moment of raw and intimate bliss, my darlings!


And finally, the electrifying Midnights Era graces us with ‘Anti-Hero,’ ‘Lavender Haze,’ ‘Midnight Rain,’ ‘Bejeweled,’ ‘Vigilante Shit,’ ‘Mastermind,’ and ‘Karma’ – it’s a daring and rebellious journey we’ll never forget!

grayscale photo of people raising their hands
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Seating plan for The Eras Tour in London

Taylor Swift is set to light up Wembley Arena with a spectacular six-show extravaganza! Mark your calendars for June 21, June 22, June 23, August 15, August 16, and August 17 – it’s gonna be a summer of pure Taylor magic!

Now, let’s get into the deets on Wembley’s dazzling seating plan! Get ready to slay in six sections fit for true superstars. We’ve got Front Standing Right, Front Standing Left, and General Admission Standing, where we’ll be dancing our hearts out with Taylor’s tunes. For a bit of extra glam and comfort, we’ve got Level 1 Reserved Seating, and one step higher – Level 2 Reserved Seating. And for those who want to reach the stars and bask in the glory of the Eras Tour, we’ve got the highest-up seats at Level 5 Reserved Seating!


Do I need ID to see Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour?

It’s time for some major news on The Eras Tour Guide updates for our Wembley extravaganza! Here’s the deal: to rock Wembley Stadium like the fierce superstars we are, we’ve got some lead booker action going on. What does that mean, you might wonder?

Well, buckle up, honey! The superstar who got their hands on those highly-coveted tickets is now the designated lead booker. And guess what? This fabulous lead booker must be present at the venue, alongside the squad, to gain access to the spectacular Eras Tour. No exceptions, darling!

So, it’s time to bring out those glitzy outfits and don’t forget to grab your ID, because they’ll be checking it at the door to make sure you’re the real deal! But fear not, my lovelies! We’ve got your back, and we’ll keep this guide updated as frequently as possible to keep you in the loop with all the juicy deets. To get into a Ticketmaster event as the lead booker, you gotta have three things: your ticket, your booking confirmation, and a photo ID (Divers license or passport) that matches the name on the confirmation and credit card. While E-tickets are used to gain entry, In addition, I highly recommend printing out a copy of the ticket and its receipt, just in case you run into any issues at the door. Easy peasy!

What is a lead booker at The Eras Tour? 

Now, let’s dive into the “lead booker” world for a moment! It’s all about deterring those pesky ticket resales and ensuring that all us fierce Swifties have the time of our lives without any drama. It’s a surefire way to keep Wembley sparkling with the true Swiftie spirit! However, those girls at Ticketmaster might not of thought this through much. What if I bought a ticket for my kids? What if I bought it in my name as present for my swiftie wife? These are questions unanswered at the moment. Fear not, I will update The Eras Tour Guide as soon as I hear the answers to these concerns. For now I recommend you DO NOT buy from second hand sites for The Eras Tour at Wembley.

close up shot of a passport and tickets on top of a laptop
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How to get to The Eras Tour by Tube

Up next in The Eras Tour Guide, transportation. First things first, let’s talk about getting there. If you wanna arrive in style and avoid the hassle of parking, hop on the tube, babe! There are two tube stations nearby that will get you to Wembley Stadium like a boss. The closest one is Wembley Park, and it’s a total gem. Just ride the Metropolitan or Jubilee line, and in around 12 minutes, you’ll be slaying at Baker Street or in 20-25 minutes, you’ll be strutting your stuff at King’s Cross.

If you fancy a little walk, Wembley Central Station is just 15 minutes away, and you can catch the Bakerloo or London Overground lines to get there. But be warned, hun, sometimes those tube lines can be as shady as a gossiping queen. Check the Wembley Stadium Sofa-to-Seat tool or the TfL Journey Planner for all the deets on any disruptions or delays. Oh, and if you’re wondering what zone Wembley is in, darling, it’s Zone 4. So make sure you’ve got your travel card or Oyster card ready, kween!

How to get to The Eras Tour by Train

But hold up, girl! Trains are also a fabulous option to reach Wembley Stadium. Head over to Wembley Stadium station, served by Chiltern Railways. You can catch a train to London Marylebone (Zone 1) in just 9 minutes, or if you’re feeling extra, take a 14-minute ride to Watford Junction. On event days, honey, those trains run more frequently, so you won’t have to wait long to get to the party. Check with the train operator or visit the National Rail Journey Planner to stay on top of the event day schedules and frequency.

How to get to The Eras Tour by Coach

Taking the coach to Wembley is an absolute breeze, and oh-so-convenient. Let me spill the tea on the fabulous Wembley Express, brought to you by National Express. They’ve got you covered with coaches zipping from over 50 locations across the UK, honey! Talk about a VIP entrance, right?

The best part? The Wembley Express coaches will whisk you away to Wembley Park in style, dropping you off at those designated parking areas (oh, the glam!)—usually Pink Parking, because we know you love a bit of pink pizzazz. And guess what, my divas? They’ve got your back even if the event runs fashionably late. No worries, the Wembley Express will be there to scoop you up like the paparazzi chasing after Taylor Swift.

Now, listen up! To secure your spot on this fabulous ride, head straight to the National Express coaches website. Or if you prefer some real-time conversation, honey, give them a call at 08717 81 81 81. Don’t keep the Wembley Express waiting, loves—it’s the express lane to an unforgettable night with our queen Taylor Swift! Snatch those tickets and let’s slay Wembley together, Swiftie style!

How to get to The Eras Tour by Bus or Bike?

Now, what about buses and cycling, you ask? Well, Wembley Stadium is served by a fierce fleet of local buses, including the fabulous 223, 297, 83/N83, 206, 92, 483, 18/N18, and 182. Just hop on one of those bad boys and you’ll be living your best life on the way to Wembley. Plan your route using the TfL bus planner, and when it’s time to pay, you can go contactless or get yourself an Oyster card, Visitor Oyster card, or Travelcard. And hey, if you’re feeling sporty and want to cycle your way to the stadium, grab your bike, babe! Wembley Stadium welcomes cyclists with open arms. Just make sure to park your bike securely and bring your fierce energy along for the ride.

Taylor swift strutting down the runway at The Eras Tour
Ronald Woan from Redmond, WA, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How to get to The Eras Tour by Car?

Alright, my fierce Swiftie darlings, I’ve got you covered in The Eras Tour Guide on how to slay your journey to Wembley by car, whether you’re coming from the South or the North. Buckle up and let’s hit the road, ’cause we’re about to conquer Wembley like the pop music royalty we are!

Ariel shot of Wembley stadium

Coming from the South? No problem, hun! Just hop on those motorways and let the sat nav guide you. I recommend using Waze app as it’s free and is very good with traffic updates. If you’re somewhere near London, take that M1 or A406 like a pro Swiftie driver. Then, merge onto the A41 and follow the signs to Wembley Stadium. You’ll be strutting into the parking lot like a superstar before you know it!

Now, for all you fabulous northern Swifties (me) , don’t fret! I’ve got a route that’ll have you feeling more confident than Tay-tay performing cruel summer on stage. Take the M1 or M6, depending on your starting point, and head down to the M25. Once there, merge onto the A1 or the A41, and follow the signs straight to Wembley Stadium. You’ll be turning heads with your impeccable navigation skills, darling!

Do i have to pay the ULEZ charge at Wembley?

Next up in The Eras Tour Guide, I’ll cover the ULEZ charge. No, hun! You don’t have to pay the ULEZ charge if you’re parking at Wembley only, as long as you don’t drive through the ULEZ zone on your way there or back. The ULEZ zone is like this big area that covers most of central London and some parts of inner London, and it’s going to get even bigger in the future. You can check if your car is fab enough to drive in the ULEZ zone by using this tool and you can see where the ULEZ zone is by using this map. But honestly, who cares about cars when we have Taylor Swift to look forward to? She’s going to slay the stage and we’re going to be there to witness it! Yasss, queen!

Hun, don’t forget you gotta park at The Eras Tour too…

When it comes to parking at Wembley, we’ve got all the tea in The Eras Tour Guide on where to stash your wheels like a true Swiftie superstar. Get ready to slay with Red Multi Storey Parking (aka ‘Red Parking’), Pink Coach and Car Parking (‘Pink Parking’), Green Coach and Car Parking (‘Green Parking’), and Blue Car Park (Blue Parking) for our fabulous blue-badge holders. Check out the postcodes for these parking gems below:

  • RED Multi-Storey Car Parking HA9 8DS
  • BLUE Multi-Storey Car Parking – HA9 0JB
  • GREEN Car and Coach Parking – HA9 0TQ
  • PINK Multi-Storey Car and Coach Parking – HA9 0HX

Parking capacities at Wembley

Now, let me spill the tea in The Eras Tour Guide on the parking capacities and the sheer fabulousness of each option at Wembley, darling. The multi-storey Red Parking is situated to the west of the stadium, next to the A406 North Circular Road. On event days, it can accommodate around 387 cars, including 48 DDA-compliant parking bays.

Looking for more nearby options? We’ve got the Green Parking, a surface-level car park that offers up to 588 pre-bookable spaces. And let’s not forget the Blue Parking, a multi-storey wonder with 202 DDA-compliant parking bays linked to the stadium concourse via a step-free bridge. Now, if you’re in the mood for a burst of color, the Pink Parking is just a short walk to the east of the stadium on Lakeside Way, with a capacity to accommodate a whopping 1,675 cars. Fabulous, right? But remember, love, availability and layout might change, so keep those lashes peeled for any exciting updates.

Booking Parking like a Superstar

So, how can you secure your parking spot like the superstar Swiftie you are on event days at Wembley Stadium? Well, babes, the Wembley Official Parking website is here to make your life easier than trying to hit those high notes in a Taylor Swift song. You can reserve parking spaces for both event and non-event days through their fierce website. Simply access the Official Parking Site via the event page of the Taylor Swift concert you’re attending at Wembley Stadium for all the extra deets. They’ve got the tea on coaches and event-specific parking info, including accessibility guidance and DDA parking, so you can slay without a worry.

Once you’ve booked your preferred car park and confirmed your car details, get ready to receive a map and postcode of your exact parking location. Now, for some events, parking may be allocated based on specific event deets, so stay in the loop, darling. To guarantee your parking spot on event days, it’s highly recommended to book in advance, as spaces can fill up quicker than Taylor’s trophy cabinet.

The Glam Parking Rates

Up next in the The Eras Tour Guide, let’s talk about the parking rates, babes, because we want to slay our parking game without breaking the bank. The flat rate parking fee for the day is £40, and you can pre-book your spot starting from March 1st, 2023. Keep in mind, there’s an additional booking fee of £2.50 for cars and Blue Badge parking, £1 for motorbikes, £3.50 for minibuses, and £5 for coaches. So, choose your parking option wisely and rock that spot like the fierce Swiftie you are. Oh, and remember, my darlings, prices are subject to change based on availability, seasonal offers, and promotions. Stay on top of the game and be ready to sparkle like Taylor’s biggest fan! We will try and update this guide as frequent as possible, we’ve got your back, hun!

Remember: Choose your parking option, book like a boss, and arrive early to avoid any parking drama.

Can I take a taxi to The Eras Tour?

Feeling fancy and want to arrive like a true VIP? Treat yourself to a taxi or ride-hailing service like Uber or Lyft! It’s a fabulous way to ride in style and get to the stadium with ease. But remember, on event days, traffic can be fierce, so use The Eras Tour Guide and plan accordingly and leave some extra time to arrive like the star you are! Bare in mind these services, while cheaper than traditional black cabs, can be very unreliable on event days. This is why If you are determined to use Taxi, you should definitely look into using a Black Cab as they tend to be much more reliable for these events as well as faster!

classic black cab car
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What to wear to The Eras Tour UK?

Good job on making it this far in The Eras Tour Guide gun. As a reward, It’s time to serve some serious style and sass inspo up for the epic Taylor Swift concert! Get ready to rock those outfits like a diva on a mission!

For guys

For all my fabulous guys out there, let’s start with the basics, ’cause honey, we’ve got looks for every mood and era of Taylor’s iconic journey!

First up, we’ve got that Debut era charm! Embrace your inner country boy with a plaid shirt, jeans, cowboy boots, and a hat that says “Howdy, y’all!” You know we’re adding some swag with accessories like a guitar pick necklace or a bold belt buckle. Casual comfort with a southern twist – yeehaw!

Next, let’s bring on the Fearless era vibes! Keep it polished and preppy with a snazzy polo shirt, khaki pants, a cardigan, and some loafers that say “I’m here to slay!” Don’t hold back, darling, throw on a scarf or a tie for that extra touch of sophistication. Smart, chic, and timeless!

Now, let’s unleash our inner rockstar with the Speak Now era look! Leather jacket, graphic tee, skinny jeans, and some sneakers that say “I’m here to rebel!” Let’s amp up the cool factor with sunglasses, a wristband, or a hip chain. Edgy, cool, and ready to take the stage!

Feeling romantic? It’s time to show off your Red era charm! Go all out with a sleek red shirt, black pants, a dapper blazer, and some charming dress shoes. Top it off with a fedora, a bow tie, or a pocket square that says “I’m smooth and suave!” Trust me, you’ll have hearts melting left and right!

Alright, my trendsetters, let’s rewind to the 1989 era! Get ready for some retro fabulousness with a denim jacket, a white tee, ripped jeans, and some boots that scream “I’m a fashion icon!” Add some vintage vibes with a bandana, a watch, or some sassy Ray Bans. Modern, fun, and ready to party!

The Eras Tour Wembley guy outfit ideas

For Girls

And now, for my fierce ladies, it’s time to slay those Taylor-inspired looks that’ll have everyone’s jaws dropping!

First stop, Debut era sweetness! Rock that floral dress, cowboy boots, and a hat that says “I’m a country girl at heart!” Don’t forget to add some sparkle with a pearl necklace or earrings. Sweet, feminine, and ready to steal hearts!

Next up, we’re getting girly with the Fearless era! Show off your classy side with a lovely sundress, a cute cardigan, ballet flats, and some pearls that say “I’m a style queen!” Oh, and let’s add a headband, a bow, or some cute flowers in your hair. Classy, fabulous, and totally sophisticated!

Now, let’s bring on the magic with the Speak Now era look! It’s time to embrace your inner princess with a dazzling ball gown, heels that say “I’m ready to conquer the world!” and some sparkles that scream “I’m a fierce queen!” Add a tiara, gloves, or some fairy lights for that enchanting touch. Glamorous, majestic, and ready to rule!

Feeling bold? It’s time to slay the Red era look! Rock that chic black dress, killer red heels, and some lipstick that says “I’m a fierce goddess!” Oh, and let’s not forget a leather jacket, a clutch, or some fabulous sunglasses. Confidence, sexiness, and pure fierceness!

And finally, let’s pop it up with the 1989 era style! Crop top, skater skirt, sneakers that say “I’m ready to dance the night away!” and some sequins to sparkle like a true pop star! Get ready to add some edge with a bomber jacket, sunglasses, or some neon colors. Modern, fun, and totally catchy!

The Eras tour Wembley outfit ideas

Time to unleash your inner superstar and make heads turn as you rock that concert like the fierce fashion icons you are! Get ready to shine bright like a diamond, and remember, honey, you’re gonna leave that crowd screaming “Yasss, queen!” 💋✨

Entry Guidelines, Best Seats, Arrival Times – Listen Up, Lovelies!

Darling, to slay your event at Wembley Stadium like a true pop music royalty, timing is everything! So, listen up and let me spill the tea in the The Eras Tour Guide on when you should arrive at this fabulous venue for the ultimate 2023 experience!

view of the wembley stadium
Photo by Marisa on

Be early

First things first, to avoid those crowds and glide into Wembley Stadium with grace, you’ve got to arrive at Wembley Park as early as you can before the event. Check the schedule, my loves, and find out when the doors open for your show. Then, channel your inner Taylor Swift and aim to strut your stuff at least 60-90 minutes before the main event. Trust me, this will give you plenty of time to get settled and be ready for god!

Now, if you’ve got those fierce general admission seats, my advice is simple: be an early bird, hun! In fact, be an early vulture! Arrive early to secure that spot near the stage like you’re staking your claim to the pop music throne. For my fabulous divas with reserved seats, arriving before the show starts is the name of the game. Glide into that seat like you’re walking the red carpet at the Grammys. Remember, darlings, this is your moment to shine, so don’t be fashionably late!

But wait, the party’s not over yet, my loves! Arriving early has its perks, like catching those fabulous opening acts and having time to explore all the wonders of Wembley. Trust me, there’s more to do than a Taylor Swift concert has costume changes! Check out the Wembley Park Art Trail, grab a pre-show drink at BOXPARK Wembley, or indulge in some retail therapy at London Designer Outlet. Talk about a day full of fabulousness!

Don’t leave right away!

After the show, linger in your seat for a cool 10-15 minutes, darling. Let the crowds disperse like fans chasing after a pop music heartthrob. And if you’re feeling peckish, why not have dinner at one of the many delicious restaurants in Wembley Park? Masalchi or Estadio Lounge, anyone? Just a heads up, booking might be required because, let’s face it, everyone wants to dine like a diva!

Bag Policy

Before you hit Wembley Stadium like a diva, it’s important to shake it off and be aware of the stadium’s bag policy, so your visit is stress-free and drama-free, just like a “Love Story.” For security reasons, only bags smaller than an A4 piece of paper (that’s H 297mm, W 210mm, and D 210mm) are allowed inside. So, make sure your bag is “Fearless” and meets the requirements before strutting your stuff at the stadium.

Now, here’s the tea, honey: if you buy items on the day of the event, they’ll come in a clear plastic bag, which is totally “Enchanted” and permitted. But if you splurge on merch from inside or outside the stadium, those bags will be sealed, so keep that in mind.

And hold on tight, because there are some strictly prohibited items, including big umbrellas (no “Umbrella” here, Rihanna), selfie sticks (let’s save those poses for Instagram, loves), pushchairs (sorry, strollers, we’ve got no “Blank Space” for you), food and drink (let’s party, but not with that, it’s not a “Party in the USA”), large-bodied cameras (leave those at home, no “Picture to Burn” here), alcohol (no booze, just good vibes, “Shake It Off”), and more. Basically, anything that could be a party pooper or compromise public safety is a no-go. Check the full list of no-no items in the visitor guide to Wembley Stadium, and avoid any “Bad Blood.”


And, darling, let’s talk cashless! Wembley Stadium is now cash-free, which means you’ll need your debit or credit card for any purchases. Those kiosks won’t accept your hard-earned cash, so plan accordingly and keep your plastic at the ready, “Ready for It?”

Now, don’t forget your ticket, whether it’s physical or electronic, and don’t leave your ID behind either. If you’ve got an e-ticket on your phone, consider bringing a power bank, so you can access it all day without any glitches, “Mine” your battery wisely!

The Best Seat in the House, Hun!

Now, let’s talk about the best seats to get the ultimate Wembley Stadium experience, “All Too Well.” And girl, i’ve got great news for you! Every block in this state-of-the-art venue offers fabulous unrestricted views, no matter the height. Whether you’re chilling in Club Wembley on Level 2 (the top choice, hun, “Wildest Dreams”), or even up high on the upper level, the views are fierce. Comfortable seats with plenty of space between rows – yaaas, queen! And those official seating plans will give you all the deets on each level, so you can find your perfect spot to slay, “Our Song.” So don’t worry whatever seat you got, what makes Wembley so special is it is designed to give every single person the best experience possible!

surroundings of wembley stadium at dawn
Photo by Alexander Nadrilyanski on

Roof or No Roof, That’s the Question!

Now, one question that gets asked all the time is: does Wembley have a roof, “The Story of Us?” You betcha, darling! This fabulous stadium comes equipped with a sliding cover, sitting 52 meters above the pitch, to provide cover for every seat. Rain or shine, we’re covered, but if you’re on the pitch with a standing ticket at a concert, be prepared for a little rain-dance action. To see the view from your seat, check out the “View from Your Seat” page on the Wembley Stadium website before booking. That way, you’ll know if you’re under the roof or exposed to the elements, “State of Grace.”

Capacity at Wembley for The Eras Tour

Curious about the capacity at Wembley Stadium? Hold on to your sequins, loves, because this powerhouse can hold a whopping 90,000 visitors (now, that’s a crowd!), “The Best Day.” We UK folks have it big, but not quite the biggest – the world’s largest stadium title goes to the Rungrado 1st of May Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea, holding a staggering 114,000 people, with some reports even claiming it can reach 150,000 for certain events…

Accessibility, Inclusion, and All the Love!

You know we are all about inclusion here at but Wembley Stadium and Wembley Park have got your back too, babes, with step-free access all around the neighborhood – from public transport to parking and retailers. Wembley boasts an impressive 310 spaces for wheelchair users, each with an accompanying seat for a personal assistant or companion. These spaces are available on every level, so everyone can enjoy the show in style, “You Belong with Me.” But wait, there’s more! Wembley has got dedicated seating for guests with access requirements who don’t need a wheelchair – like those with visual impairment or other non-visible disabilities. It’s all about making you feel like the superstar you are, “Shine” like the star you are!

With dedicated lifts, trained staff and stewards, accessible toilets and changing places units, induction loop facilities, assistance dogs, and audio descriptive commentary – you’ll feel right at home, darling! But that’s not even the half of it, there’s sensory and inclusion rooms accommodating up to 12 guests each, including 2 wheelchair users per room, available on Level 4. Because at Wembley Stadium, love knows no boundaries, “Love Story” for everyone! Further details can be found o the official Wembley site.

person holding multi colored heart shaped ornament
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Where to Stay when I see Taylor Swift

If you wanna slay at Wembley Stadium, honey, stay in the fierce Wembley Park! There’s something for every budget, from the luxurious and modern Novotel London Wembley to the somewhat-cheap-but-still-fabulous Premier Inn London Wembley Park and Premier Inn London Wembley Stadium. And, of course, the iconic Wembley International Hotel, serving looks since the ’60s, hunty! Now if you are a northerner like me, you probably forgot that London is HUGE. There’s literally thousands of hotels and places to book – but it get’s expensive the later you leave it to book, so be quick girl, “Delicate” they are! Here’s some Hotels people seem to get on well with online:

Hotels near Wembley stadium

Hilton London Wembley

Picture this 4-star gem, right next to the iconic Wembley Stadium and the historic Wembley Arena. We’re talking spa, fitness center, restaurant, bar, and even a rooftop terrace to feel on top of the world! Oh, and guess what? Your fur babies are welcome, too! Time to unleash the diva in you!

Novotel London Wembley

Girl, this fab 4-star hotel is just minutes away from Wembley Stadium and Wembley Park tube station. Get ready to slay with a fitness center, a restaurant serving deliciousness, a trendy bar, and guess what else? They’ve got family rooms and a playground for our little rockstars! Get the whole squad ready, ’cause we’re in for a blast!

Ibis London Wembley

Keep it cozy and convenient at this 3-star spot on Wembley High Road. Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena are just a hop away! Get your nom on at the restaurant, have a blast at the bar, and stay connected with free Wi-Fi. Oh, and they’ve got accessible rooms and parking facilities, making it a breeze for all our Swifties!

Premier Inn London Wembley Stadium hotel

Location, location, location! This 3-star gem on Empire Way has prime views of Wembley Stadium – the stuff of Swiftie dreams! Chow down at the restaurant, sip cocktails at the chic bar, and relax in air-conditioned rooms. And don’t forget, they’ve got family rooms, too! Time to assemble the squad!

Holiday Inn London – Wembley, an IHG Hotel

This fab 4-star hotel on Empire Way is a stone’s throw from Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena. Get ready for pool time, sauna moments, a fitness center to feel fierce, and a restaurant and bar to indulge like the superstar you are! Plus, they’ve got meeting rooms and event spaces for that extra glam touch!

Wembley International Hotel

Keep it comfy and chic at this 3-star gem on Empire Way. Free Wi-Fi, free parking, and a scrumptious breakfast to start your day right! We’re talking restaurant, bar, and even conference facilities for our boss babes! Get ready to shine bright like Taylor’s diamonds!

St George’s Hotel

This adorable 2-star spot on Saint George’s Road is close to Wembley Central station. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, complimentary parking, and a continental breakfast that’s just fab! They’ve got en-suite rooms to keep it cozy, and luggage storage for all your concert essentials! Time to strut your stuff!

OYO The Arch, Wembley Stadium

Keep it easy and breezy at this fab 2-star hotel on Harrow Road. We’re talking free Wi-Fi, complimentary parking, and daily housekeeping to keep it fresh and fabulous. Plus, en-suite rooms and flat-screen TVs to keep the good times rolling! Let’s make memories, Swiftie style!

Where to Eat when i go to The Eras Tour?

I know eating will be the lasst thing on your mind, but there’s a few things worth noting, so, listen up loves! No outside food or drinks allowed at Wembley Stadium, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. With over 60 restaurants and bars in Wembley Park, you’re in for a treat! BOXPARK Wembley, darling, is the place to be with its three bars, music, and over 20 street food vendors – yas, hunty! And don’t miss London Designer Outlet, serving up high-street options like Nando’s, Pizza Express, and TGI Fridays. And if you’re feeling “Masalchi,” try out twice-Michelin-starred Chef Atul Kochhar’s restaurant, or “Estadio Lounge” on Wembley Park Boulevard for something unique. Pssst, there’s also a Maccies not far – but ya’ll don’t be breaking their Ice cream machine now if its a hot one.

Taylor Swift fan phoot at US The Eras Tour 2023
UltimateWarrior13, via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic — CC BY-SA 2.0

Shopping, Shopaholics!

Oh, queens, London Designer Outlet, aka LDO, is our shopping haven near Wembley Stadium. Over 50 stores with all your fave brands at up to 70% off – “All You Had to Do Was Stay,” right? But wait, it gets better! Pro tip: Spend £40 or more at LDO’s shops, restaurants, or Cineworld Wembley on an event day, and you can park for up to six hours at the normal tariff – “Wonderland” found! And with the Dropit service, no need to carry those shopping bags, “Shake It Off” to freedom! Get your purchases delivered right to you, “Love Story” of shopping convenience!

Can you visit Wembley Stadium without a ticket to an event?

Well, technically, you can go to Wembley without a ticket, but it’s not a good idea, hun.

You see, some naughty fans tried to do that a couple years ago,when England played Italy in the Euro 2020 final. They stormed the gates, pushed past the stewards, and sneaked into the stadium. But they caused a lot of trouble, and some of them got caught and kicked out.

It was absolute bedlam, darling. There were fights, injuries, and arrests. Not to mention the risk of spreading Covid. And England lost on penalties anyway. How tragic. 😭

Now i can’t see Swifites being as aggressive but unless you want to end up in jail or in hospital, I suggest you stay away from Wembley without a ticket. It’s not worth it, sweetie. You’re better off watching Taylor on TV or online at a later stage. Or maybe try to find a scalper who will take them you with them. But good luck with that, because they’re probably charging an arm and a leg for them.

Things to do near Wembley before The Eras Tour starts

Now there are some things you could do, but nothing as exciting as seeing Taylor Swift live, babe. And if thousands of ticket-less fans turn up outside the stadium like they did across the pond, then you can be sure it wont be as easy as it usually is.


You could go shopping at the London Designer Outlet, where you can find some fab deals on clothes and accessories. But don’t forget to use the Dropit service, so you don’t have to carry your bags around. Or you could just save your money for Taylor merch, because you know you want it.


You could also grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants near Wembley Stadium, from Italian to Indian, from burgers to burritos. There’s something for everyone, even for your fussy vegan cousin. But don’t eat too much, because you’ll need some room for popcorn and candy floss later.


Or you could just chill out at Wembley Park, where you can enjoy some nature, art, and culture. You can admire the stunning architecture of the stadium, the iconic arch, and the colourful fountains. You can also check out some of the local artists and artisans who showcase their work in the park. Or you can just sit on a bench and watch the world go by.

Fan Photo of the beautiful Taylor Swift at The Eras Tour
Ronald Woan from Redmond, WA, USA, via Wikimedia Commons Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic — CC BY-SA 2.0

Where to drink near Wembley The Eras Tour? (18+)

Whether you’re looking for a delicious spot to start the night, a cozy pub to hang with your squad, or a chic and glamorous venue to wow the crowd, I’ve got you covered, honey! So grab your sparkle, your heels, and your best “Red” lipstick, and let’s check out this list of amazing places that’ll make your night epic!

TGI Fridays

This spot is the ultimate place to kick off the night with all the glam and flavor! Indulge in mouthwatering food and signature cocktails that’ll make you feel like a superstar! Sip on a fabulous Strawberry Daiquiri or a fierce Pornstar Martini, and get ready to unleash your inner “Shake It Off” diva!

JJ Moons (Weatherspoons)

Oh, honey, get ready for affordable fun and fabulousness at JJ Moons! Aka.. Spoons! This weather spoons near Wembley has a stellar selection of drinks and scrumptious grub that’ll keep you fueled for a night of partying like true queens! And honey, let me spill the tea, JJ Moons is budget-friendly, serving up a sassy night without breaking the bank! It’s the perfect spot to sip some fabulous cocktails without emptying your purse, because, darling, we’ve got more important things to spend our coins on – like the latest Taylor Swift album, am I right? You can’t go wrong with a spoons.

The White Horse

This gem is just a short walk away from Wembley Stadium, and it’s all about classic pub charm. Get ready for a menu that’ll make your taste buds sing a joyful tune! Raise your glasses, queens, and let’s toast to a night of pure fabulousness and “Love Story” moments!

Boxpark Wembley

Dive into the foodie wonderland that is Boxpark Wembley! With street food vendors galore and not one, but two bars, it’s a feast fit for queens like us! Let’s get our party on and dance the night away to the hottest tunes, just like we’re “Out of the Woods” and living our best lives!

The Corner House

Time for some cozy vibes and welcoming feels at The Corner House! It’s the perfect spot to gather your squad, share some laughs, and have a night of love and laughter. Let’s serve looks, drinks, and all the fierceness!

The Swan

Get ready to be dazzled by The Swan – a chic and fabulous spot that’s fit for the fiercest divas! This place is the epitome of glam and sophistication, with an ambiance that says, “You Belong with Me!” Indulge in delectable dishes and sip on fabulous drinks, and let the night unfold like a magical “Enchanted” evening!

The Fox and Goose Hotel

Last but not least, this friendly spot is ready to shower us with warm vibes and all the love! Gather your fabulous squad and let’s have a night filled with love, laughter, and good times, just like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” with negativity!

pan holding pilsner inside bar
Photo by ELEVATE on

Friendship Bracelets? What They Are and Where to Buy!

When it comes to scoring these glam accessories, we’ve got a few glam options for you!

First things first, you know we live for online shopping, right? Get those perfectly manicured nails tapping away on Etsy or Taylor Swift’s official merchandise store, and you’ll discover a treasure trove of friendship bracelets fit for the queen herself. These babies are decked out with Taylor’s iconic lyrics, album art, and all the sparkle you need to slay the concert like the diva you are!


But wait, hun, if you’re feeling crafty and creative, why not dive into the DIY realm? Grab some dazzling beads, sassy charms, and those fierce threads, and channel your inner Taylor Swift crafting goddess! Whip up your own personalized friendship bracelets that scream “Swiftie royalty!” You can even throw in some of Taylor’s iconic symbols and quotes for that extra dash of fabulousness!

What are friendship bracelets at The Eras Tour?

Now, let me break it down for you, sweetie. These friendship bracelets are more than just wrist candy. They’re a symbol of unity and love among Taylor’s fierce fandom. At her concerts, you’ll see Swifties rocking these beauties like badges of honor, showing that we’re part of one fierce family. It’s like our secret handshake, babe, a way of saying, “Hey, we may be strangers, but we’re here to slay together, and we got Taylor’s back!”

So, my fierce Swiftie darling, next time you’re at a Taylor Swift concert, keep your eyes peeled for those glittering friendship bracelets. Each one is a statement of our shared passion for Taylor and the unforgettable experiences we share as part of this fabulously empowering fandom. Wear your bracelet with pride, and know that you’re not just a fan, babe, but a true Swiftie diva, ready to conquer the world with love, sparkle, and Taylor’s legendary music!

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Wembley friendship bracelet

Good luck and have fun!

My fabulous Swifties, I hope you enjoyed The Eras Tour Guide to slaying the Eras Tour at Wembley Stadium next summer! From securing those prime spots to enjoying the iconic Wembley views, it’s gonna be a summer filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable Taylor Swift moments. Get ready to shine like the true superstars you are, “Wembley, we’re coming for you, darling!” 💃🎤🌟 Let’s make memories that’ll have us dancing with joy and feeling the Taylor Swift magic all around! So, grab your dancing shoes and get ready to sparkle and shine, my lovelies – it’s gonna be an epic adventure! ✨🎉

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